If you are searching about internet niche marketing, here is the place. I have been studying on internet niche marketing for months and I hope my writing will be a great help for those of you who don’t know anything or just have a little bit knowledge on niche marketing. I write this 100% based on my personal understanding on this particular subject.


Niche Marketing


Niche marketing is a type of marketing where the marketer focuses on a small segment of market of a big particular market. For example, marketing low calorie pet food.


From here, the main market is ‘Pet’. Then we focus into smaller segment, which is ‘Iguana’. We move further into ‘Iguana food’ market and lastly to ‘low calorie iguana food’.


The conventional marketing markets general and broad products whereas in niche marketing, the marketers focus on special small segments of a market.


The internet niche marketing


The main idea behind internet niche marketing is to sell a general electronic and non electronic product using the internet, by creating multiple web pages that give answers and solutions to every specific audience.


For example, and author wrote an eBook about ‘low calorie pet food’ and he make an affiliate system in which participants (internet marketers) will join and try to sell using the internet in order to get commission for each sales they make.


These internet marketers don’t simply make a website and market ‘low calorie pet food’. Instead they will make multiple web pages or websites which zoom into the ‘pet’ segment more.


They will make multiple specific pages like these :

- low calorie iguana food

- low calorie cat food

- low calorie bear food

- low calorie hamster food

- etc


The idea


Supposed you have a fat lazy hamster as a pet and you recently, somehow, worried about his weight after watching the ‘Obesity’ program on the Discovery Channel. So you jump to your computer and began searching (or Google-ing) ‘low calorie pet food’. You stumbled upon these two websites with these two titles.


  1. Low calorie pet food
  2. Low calorie hamster food


Obviously, the website number 2 answers your search the best than 1 due to its specific target (niche) and most probably, you will buy the eBook from 2 although both websites share the same product.


The main idea behind niche marketing focuses on multiple small market segments in order to maximize their sales. They make a lot of website pages and each focuses on smaller specific segment and hope that these website pages will answer the needs specifically and sell the product.


Why internet niche marketing is so popular?


In internet niche marketing, an internet marketer only needs to focus on the website building, sales letter writing and product advertising and other relevant stuff. An internet marketer don’t need to be there (in person) to make sales and the website runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Besides, the buying process occurs automatically and this typically allows internet marketers to enjoy life.


Another important aspect is that since most of the product is digitalized, it cost USD 0.00 for raw material and guarantees 100% profit. Remember ‘copy and paste’? So the owners always have stock of the products and thus, internet marketers don’t need to worry of shortage of product stocks, except electric and internet shortage of course.


Commissions and income


Commissions vary and depend on the owner of the product. Some give 10%, some give 60% etc. Usually, an internet marketer will choose to market products around USD60 which give them commission around 30% or more.


Example, the product price is USD50 and the commission rate is 30%.


For each product sold, the marketer will get USD15.


If the marketer can sell 10 products per day, he can earn USD150.


In one month, he can get USD4500.


The high commission rate is really tempting and this caused the internet eBook boom recently. Millions of people tried their best to market the products.


How do they market the products?


There are 2 major ways (they are more but we focus on these two) of advertising the internet marketers usually will use :


1. Pay per click (PPC)


Example : Google Adwords


Internet marketers will bid on certain keywords so that their ads will appear on the right (under sponsored links) when someone Google the keywords or appear on the Adsense box when someone visited a website (which participate in Google Adsense) which is related to the keywords.


When someone clicks an internet marketer advertisement, he or she will be brought to internet marketer website.


This is a paid method but fast.


For each click, a certain amount of money (starting from USD 0.01, depending on how hot the keywords are) will be deducted from the advertisers (the marketers) Adwords credit.


Supposed each click worth USD 0.50 and the advertisers (the marketers) pay forward USD 10.00. For each click, USD 0.50 will be deducted from his Adwords credit which means he can only get 20 clicks / visits, no matter each visit will yield a customer or not.


2. BUM marketing


This method is free but needs patient because it is slow and need a lot of work. In this kind of marketing, the internet marketers will make a lot of articles (some go beyond hundreds), post it in the internet and hope that they will reach potential buyers.


Usually, the internet marketers will post their articles on high ranking websites such as ezinearticles and squidoo which increase their articles chances to be the first result for certain keyword searches when someone search those keywords using search engines such as Google.


This slow and need a lot of writing method forced a lot of internet marketers (usually part time internet marketers) to use fast but paid method like PPC.


How do they find products


There are a lot of internet affiliate center but here, we will focus on ClickBank.


An internet marketer first sign up for a ClickBank account. Then he will go to ‘market place’ to search for products which they think have the potential to sell.


Once the found the product, they will make a market research. They then will narrow the audience (breaking pet into cat, dogs, hamster etc) and make a website promoting the product.


At the website, the internet marketers will use their ‘copy-writing skills’ to write their sales letter to persuade potential buyers to buy that product. Typically, the upper part of their sales letter contain testimonials, promises etc and at the bottom, they will put affiliate link (which they get from ClickBank) which will redirect the potential buyers to the actual buying page maintained by ClickBank and the product owner.


Since the affiliate link contains the affiliate id, the product owner and ClickBank will know who sold the product and hence know who they need to pay the commission to.


The comparing / review technique


The internet marketers adopt a quite interesting technique in which they make reviews for more than 1 product in order to increase their sales.


Supposed they found 3 different products but talks the same stuff. They bought those 3 products, use it, and write review about them. Usually they will give stars in 5 stars scale for value, price attributes etc and a brief review for each product below.


The idea behind this product is to make sure the potential buyers get a brief idea on what they will get since the more the potential-buyer knows what they are going to get, the higher the potential he or she will buy the product.


Weird things about niche marketing.


1. Too grammar focused or professional looking sales page don’t do well because they don’t look humanistic and look more towards money-making corporate based company rather than helping.


2. Internet marketers will try to trigger the readers’ emotions on their first paragraph because internet browsers will jump to other website if they can’t find their answers in 20 seconds.


Example, they will write "Make more money now! In just one month I already managed to get USD1000 per day using the internet! Becoming rich has never been this easy!" rather than plain boring "I'll show you how to make USD1000 per day".


3. Internet marketers try their best not to write about the products. Instead they write on solutions which lead to the product. They believe that people don’t like to be sold to something but people like to buy something. See the difference?


4. Internet marketers will use bold, underline, italic, colors and pictures to promote their products. But they do it wisely to avoid confusions.


5. Usually there are 2 pages involved. Landing page and sales page. Landing page is where the potential buyers supposed to land (first page he or she will reach in your website) and this is where internet marketers will use their copy writing skills and marketing skill to persuade the potential buyers to buy the product. Links will be set up which bring the potential buyers to the sales page. The sales page on the other hand is where the ‘comparing / review technique’ is used to sell the product or even the actual page to make the purchase itself.


6. In order to increase their sales, internet marketers will give free extra add-ons to the buyers. This technique is usually used in eBook selling. The internet marketers will give additional 1 or 2 or more books for free to the buyer. This made possible because they are free and virtually don’t cost anything. They just need to ‘copy and paste’.


7. The right symbol. The right symbol is no doubt is being used widely in the sales letter. However, overuse of the symbol will cause decrease in sales whereas moderate use of the symbol can boost the sales.


So what is this ‘copy writing skill’ is all about?


Copy writing skill has been regarded the main essential and the most important core element in niche marketing. This skill is about how internet marketers write their sales letter in order to press the ‘hot button’ of the readers (potential readers), in a simple word, emotions, in hope they will get mesmerized with the words and buy the products.


It is more like charismatic skills for sales men. The internet marketers will use combination of grammar errors, testimonials etc to make a humanistic approach and focus to make a sales letter which is more like ‘trying to help’ rather than ‘directly selling the product’ because in niche marketing, professional sales letter can kill their marketing because people don’t like professional-money-making-company-like-sales-letters


Domain name, subdomain name and page name


Internet marketers really care about domain name, subdomain name and page name. The reason behind this is to give good first impression to the internet searchers. Due to cheap price of domain names as well as the cheap internet server price (they only need less than 10mb of storage and they only use a very small bandwidth), no wonder why internet marketers can afford to have a lot of websites to sell one product.


Domain name. Since search engines do care about the website domain name more than subdomain name and page name, an internet marketers, like it or not, need to buy a lot of domain in hope that they will get high page rank in search engine results and give the most accurate solution answer.


Example, and . The second link answers low calorie iguana food searchers the best and they mostly will go to the second link.


Subdomain name. An internet marketer is recommend not selling different products since it can confuse the internet searchers and cause them not to go to their website and hence, decrease their sales potential.


Example, James sell eBook to repaid hand phones and eBook for low calorie pet food. He only has one website and he decided tot throw both into one website by making two different subdomains. The results are these:


When internet searchers search for low calorie iguana pet food and supposed he stumbled upon and, chances for James to sell the low calorie pet food eBook is very low since the subdomain and domain combination don’t answer the internet searchers need, there is no way a subdomain want to beat a domain name and itself which is irrelevant to the needs. Moreover, when internet searcher click and go to, he most probably will checkout the website, and when he found, definitely the internet searcher will lose respect to since the relevance seems odd and the internet searcher will probably head to other website and decided not to buy from


However, if has, cat. etc as subdomains, these will be okay since the subdomain and domain combination don’t lose it relevancy.


Page name is an important aspect too. An internet marketer will use page name such as buy-low-calorie-food.html ( buy-low-calorie-food.html) rather than buy.html ( since search engines do look at page name to determine site relevancy and ranking. This increases their website relevancy and thus, helps them to get more traffic and customers.


BUM Marketing Sustainability


Some internet marketers write up to 15 articles per day and submit them all over the internet. They of course stop at the end anyway but they will do this everyday for up to 1 month, which means 150 articles. The more they write, the more chances they will get to sell their products.


Once search engines crawl these articles, the articles will be included in the search engine for a long period and this is what internet marketers want, sustainability and continuous passive income after all month long hard work.


Although this seems easy, the truth is that not all articles manage to get them customers beside some articles may get lost and never read by information and product searchers and this is what usually happens.


Nevertheless, BUM Marketing is always the best tool for internet marketers to get sustainable passive income.


Email marketing and internet niche marketing.


This technique is quite interesting because internet marketers will usually provide free services and slip inside advertisements of the products along the way in hope that those email subscribers will buy their products.


Example, supposed John writes and send emails regarding on pets every 2 weeks. In his website, he will provide a form, in which those interested to get his writings, will put inside his or her email and to subscribe to his writings.


Take note that the subscribers are willingly to give their email address, thus this is not a spam.


Every two weeks, John will write about pets. The trick here is to at certain point, John will promote the product. First 2 months (4 editions), John will write about pets. On the fifth edition, he will send an advertisement oriented writings in intention to sell the products. On the sixth edition, everything will be back to normal and at the tenth edition, he will again promote another product and the cycle continues.


Link Cloaking


Usually, internet marketers will be given an affiliate link which contains id of the internet marketers somewhere in the url. Example . This id is used for the owner of the affiliate system to identify who is sell his products in order to pay his or her commissions.


Interestingly, internet marketers tend to hide this link because people who know about this affiliate system, tend to remove the id because people don’t like middle men or women to get money from their purchases even though they don’t get any discount by doing so.


The common method is PHP redirects or by converting the url into number based code.




Internet niche marketing is nevertheless, a new type of marketing which promises continuous passive income and can even be a primary job for certain people. Since it is managed by server computers, selling is automatic which don’t need them to be there to make a sale and by adopting ‘copy and paste’ style of selling, it guarantees almost 100% of profit. But the important thing is, although niche marketing looks easy and can provide ‘easy money’, they don’t because it requires website building, English, copy-writing, advertising, article-writing, SEO and analyzing skills. That’s why most of the new-comers don’t succeed and don’t make any sale at all.